The Night of Fears

2 years has passed since the events now known as Oblivion Crisis. Cyrodiil has changed. The Empire is lead by the Elder Council and Potentate Ocato, but the tension between the provinces thickens. It is an age of strife, distrust and greed.
The political landscape seems to be changing, in absence of an emperor, the cities of cyrodiil (and all tamriel) grabbed more power to themselves, the structure of the empire seems to be vaning. Powerful individuals, guild leaders, Legion Legates, Daedric Cultists have more power than before. Bandit leaders unite the different gangs and rule over large portions of lands as self-titled lords. Many nobles have reinforced their manors, built walls and hired armed guards to protect themselves and their settlements…

Many has fallen to the daedra, mostly guards and members of the Legion. Chaos and lawlessness has risen, thieves and bandits walk the roads, and monsters inhabit the ruins scattered along Cyrodiil.

People now have seen the true power of the Daedra, and even though the Empire and the legions try their best to eliminate them, the covens of cultists spread like disease. The Daedric Shrines in the wilderness have a steady flow of pilgrims, some even has small settlements raised around them. Smaller shrines are built in homes, hidden parts of the sever systems, and secret words are exchanged between the worshippers.

The Imperial Cult has grown larger as well. Since the Sacrifice of Martin Septim, pilgrims from all over the world come daily to worship the petrified avatar of Akatosh. The Faith in the Nine is stronger than ever. The Knights of the Nine order is restored to its former glory, and the number of knights keeps increasing. Many of them serves as protectors of chapels and shrines.
A new knightly order, the Vigilants of Stendarr was also formed, with the sole purpose of hunting down daedra, and other abominations. The number of vampires, werewolves has decreased as a result.

The Mages Guild, now lead by Raminus Polus, is weakened. Although their enemy, the Cult of the Worm is now scattered and all but destroyed, the Mages Guild payed the price as well. The controversies following the banning of necromancy, and the upcoming battles against them, paired with the Oblivion Crisis have left the guild in its ruins. Not many tutors are left, the number of new apprentices is declining while rogue mages and conjurers ally with bandits.

The Fighters Guild has regained some popularity with the Blackwood Company out of way, and the increasing number of bandits gives them a steady number of contracts. The current Guild Master is Modryn Oreyn, but it is no secret he looks forward to retiring, and only waits for a suitable replacement.
The Guild also took over some duties from the city guards, and with this their influence has grown a lot. They took over some of the old imperial forts along the roads to ensure safety.

The Gray Fox has disappeared but the Thieves Guild operates smoothly. The decreased number of guards allows them work more effectively than ever, but due to the previous leadership, most members support the poor. The Guild’s profile has shifted into organized crime, keeping order in their own way, protecting the needy, and taking over businesses. Most shops and stores are allied with them, paying monthly interests to avoid “accidents”. They also work as loansharks, and run an extended network of skooma dens, as well as they make gold from smuggling goods. Their many agents are on the street constantly, shady figures, beggars and urchins are all working for them.

The Dark Brotherhood is slowly gaining presence in Cyrodiil again, but they are even more secretive than ever. The rumor is, joining is impossible, and not even the contractor sees them. They operate from the shadows, only the perfectly executed assassinations are the proof of their existance.

Night of Fears